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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if my package says delivered but I did not receive it? If your package says delivered but you did not receive it you will need to reach out to the courier of the package USPS (POST OFFICE) or UPS to receive information about the whereabouts of your package and how to process a missing package claim. 

2. How do I file a claim for a missing package? Please click the links under the courier you chose at checkout and fill in the information they are requesting on the website. Please have your tracking number handy. The courier will send updates about your claim and provide a refund if applicable. (post office)  or

3. What happens if my package arrives damaged? If your package arrived damaged please send an email to with the following information. Name on order, Order number & pictures or videos showing the damaged items. Once this information is received we will then review the information provided & file a claim on your behalf if we deem the item was damaged during transit. A claim can take up to 30-60 days to process. We will update the customer as we receive information from the claims department of the courier. 

4. What happens if I receive an item and it doesn’t work? If you received your item and it doesn’t please send a video showing the item not working properly to & from there we will send out a replacement item once we deem the item as faulty. 

5. How many days after a package is marked delivered do we have to request a replacement? You have 14 days including weekends to send in information needed to request a replacement. Please refer to question #4 for information regarding the replacement process. 

6. What happens if my item stops working after 14 days? If your item stops working after 14 days we will try our best to accommodate you with a discount to purchase a new one.